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Business Consulting Service
Business Consulting Service


Former spa owner Dennis McCrindle is the owner of Salon Spa Solution. He has been a business consultant for over twenty years consulting more than 500 salons and spas over sixteen years in the salon and spa industry.

Dennis is nationally recognized as a specialist and expert in the salon and spa computer software development and his extensive knowledge and experience in the business has clearly given him the edge over his competition. As an educator he specializes in teaching and equipping salon and spa owners with the necessary skills and strategies needed to take their business to the next level.

Most times, we do not have the money.

  • Here is our optional solution and it is no charge to you, just a little bit of your time.
  • Everything we can save your company on the bottom line we split 50-50.
  • Everything we can make for your company on the bottom line we split 80-20. (80% for you)
    Details of this arrangement discussed so both parties agree.

Initial Consultation.

To identify what the client needs to create a Spa/Salon. Develop innovative solutions for existing businesses for expansion or renovation, to compete in the marketplace.

Facility Design.

To assist the client with designing and building a facility that will "carve their niche" in the Spa/Salon marketplace. A haven that transports clients into an world of beauty, wellness and pleasure.

Business Management.

To develop and establish specific systems for the Spa/Salon. Provide an operational analysis for existing businesses to refine existing systems and implement change for effectiveness and profitability.

Spa Services.

To advise the client on equipment and products available in the Spa/Salon marketplace to assist the client with decisions on equipment and product purchasing. To create "Signature" treatments and "Profit Centers"


To assist the client in designing and implementing market strategies and creating "strategic alliances". "Brand" your Spa/Salon. Understand the power of "perception " and "connection".

Specific contractual work with clients has included:

*Vision clarification

*Design of facility in consultation with architects

*Project management - working with contractors to ensure target opening date

*Ensure appropriate spa and salon equipment and installation; and products

*Write, create and design "signature" treatments, services, brochures/menus and policies and procedures manuals

*Curriculum and media design

*Operational analysis for existing businesses to refine systems and implement change for effectiveness and profitability

*Strategic planning and leadership development

*Market positioning

* Business Plans

Living, working and traveling internationally has allowed me to personally research the diversity in the marketplace and the spa experiences. In this highly competitive marketplace, Spa and Salon consulting ensures confidentiality, commitment and integrity to all valued clients.


Minimum Consulting.

$3000.00 - I will answer any questions, or fix any problems that are of concern.

Minimum On Site Consulting.

$3000.00 plus airfare, hotel and car - I will spend 1 day with you and your staff. I will maximize your time to educate, answer any questions, or fix any problems that are of concern.

Price: US$3,000.00
3,840.00 CAD
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