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Dri-Dek Roll - 3 feet x 12 feet (Multiple Color Choices)
Self-Contained Floor System Helps Control Infectious Germs.
Price: US$176.19
225.52 CAD
Non Slip Floor Mat
This high density, high durability, self draining, Dry-Dek floor mat is designed to keep the user safely above a sl...
Price: US$165.00
211.20 CAD
Wet Spa Bolster
Wet Spa Bolster - 6 inches x 27 inches (Dark Blue)
Price: US$50.00
64.00 CAD
Wet Sheets
Flat or Fitted Sheets (Dark Blue)
Price: US$45.00
57.60 CAD
Wet Quicktouch Face Support
Wet Quicktouch Face Support
Price: US$35.00
44.80 CAD
Hydrocollator Pack Cover 10"x12"
Easy to apply and completely reuseable, Thermal Heat packs deliver up tgo 30 minutes of deep, moist heat therapy.
Price: US$32.00
40.96 CAD
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