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Neptune Stationary Wet Table
Smooth, durable ABS plastic-trough water containment keeps wash-off from client. Comfortable, 1.25 inch vinyl-coate...
Price: US$1,885.00
2,412.80 CAD
Earthlite Ellora Salon Massage Table
Designed for comfort, ease-of-maintenance, long-lasting reliability. In fact it has an unequivocal lifetime warrant...
Price: US$1,849.00
2,366.72 CAD
Complete Petite Spa Package
European Touch Whirlpool Spas:
Price: US$1,838.00
2,352.64 CAD
Bio-Cleanse Field Enhancer (Personal)
The Bio-Cleanse Field Enhancer (Personal) comes ready to use. Every unit has been meticulously handcrafted exclusiv...
Price: US$1,795.00
2,297.60 CAD
Olympus Salon Table
The Olympus - an electric lift table that looks like a stationary! The Olympus Salon features a four-section, manua...
Price: US$1,795.00
2,297.60 CAD
Touch America Wet Spa Table (30 inch hi)
Folding sides allow for easy client entry.
Price: US$1,759.00
2,251.52 CAD
Sanijet Foot Bath
Now you can easily offer hydrotherapy in the same room with the optional pipeless Foot Bath.
Price: US$1,696.00
2,170.88 CAD
Victoria Styling Chair
Victoria Styling Chair
Price: US$1,695.00
2,169.60 CAD
Living Earth Craft Napa Salon Manual Hydraulic Lift Table
The Napa has all the features of the Serenity except it has a manual hydraulic lift system.
Price: US$1,695.00
2,169.60 CAD
Hydrotone Cover for Hydrotone X Model Tub
Hydrotone Cover for Hydrotone X Model Tub
Price: US$1,595.00
2,041.60 CAD
Autoclave Prestige 2100
Steam sterilization. Eliminates cross contamination. Used by world health care professionals. Sterilize your tools ...
Price: US$1,550.00
1,984.00 CAD
Deluxe Electric Facial Bed
All purpose, heavy duty, sturdy bed. Hand control switch. Manual adjustable back and foot rest. Removable armrest, ...
Price: US$1,499.00
1,918.72 CAD
Vapoionic Hair Steamer with ion - Wall Arm
Vapoionic Hair Steamer withion - Wall Arm
Price: US$1,495.00
1,913.60 CAD
Olympus Flat Top Massage Table
The Olympus Flat Top - an electric lift table that looks like a stationary! The Olympus Flat Top; features a one-pi...
Price: US$1,495.00
1,913.60 CAD
Stationary Multi Pro Table
The Stationary MultiPro is one of our most versatile tables - renowned for its value, durability, and ease-of-use. ...
Price: US$1,481.00
1,895.68 CAD
Earthlite Ellora Electric Lift Table
Designed for comfort ease-of-maintenance
Price: US$1,399.00
1,790.72 CAD
Steamy Wonder Kit
Steamy Wonder Portable Steam Therapy System
Price: US$1,399.00
1,790.72 CAD
Petite Wet Table Top
Use to convert a Petite tub into a wet table.
Price: US$1,365.00
1,747.20 CAD
Aphrodite Wet and Dry Stationary Table
The Aphrodite Wet/Dry Stationary Table still offers the traditionally-superior performance it' s been known for...
Price: US$1,320.00
1,689.60 CAD
AutoClave Hotsteam Sterilizer
Steam sterilization ofautoclaving, is the perfect method for eliminating the risk of cross infection through contam...
Price: US$1,295.00
1,657.60 CAD
Relax Adjustable Massage Bed
The Relax is a facial, massage and waxing bed that easily adjusts to any position. Sturdy metal frame.
Price: US$1,295.00
1,657.60 CAD
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