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Steam Embrace Plus (sage or teal)
Steam Cabinet Embrace Plus (sage or teal)
Price: US$2,399.00
3,070.72 CAD
Vapoionic Hair Steamer with ion - Wall Arm
Vapoionic Hair Steamer withion - Wall Arm
Price: US$1,495.00
1,913.60 CAD
Steamy Wonder Kit
Steamy Wonder Portable Steam Therapy System
Price: US$1,399.00
1,790.72 CAD
Vapoionic Hair Steamer with ion - Caster Base
Vapoionic Hair Steamer withion - Caster Base
Price: US$1,095.00
1,401.60 CAD
Vapotronic Steamer - Caster Base
Vapotronic Steamer - Caster Base Electronically Controlled Facial Vaporizer
Price: US$1,095.00
1,401.60 CAD
Mini-Vapourel Facial Steamer - Table Model
The Mini-Vapourel Steamer - Table Model and 2160 Mini-Vapourel facial steamers have all the great features expected...
Price: US$495.00
633.60 CAD
Mini-Vapourel Steamer - Caster Base
Mini-Vapourel Steamer - Caster Base The Mini-Vapourel Steamer has all the great features expected in a professional...
Price: US$495.00
633.60 CAD
Hot Towel Sanitizing Steamer
The 500 Hot Towel Steamer holds approximately 40 facial size towels in its two shelves. It features U.V. sanitation...
Price: US$495.00
633.60 CAD
Skytone Facial Steamer
Timer and ozone. Ozone to sterilize skin surface. Promotes blood circulation. CSA approved.
Price: US$450.00
576.00 CAD